Earn fast cash from unwanted wardrobe items before christmas

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IT’S out with the old and in with the new for fashion blogger Jemma Mrdak.

The 23 year old is constantly uploading fashion to online shopping site eBay to make a quick buck and allow her to sell her unwanted clothes and earn some cash, particularly as Christmas creeps up.

I have wardrobes full of clothes and have way more than what I should have; they take up the entire house,’ Mrdak says.

I purchase a lot of clothes to do photo shoots for my blog, A Stylish Moment, and I only wear things once or twice and then I sell and buy new things for the blog so its a never ending cycle.

She says designer items sell and she sells about eight to ten items every week.

For many Aussies it may be a surprise whats inside your wardrobe that could be worth some money if you sell particularly in time to make some fast money before the festive season arrives.

eBay spokeswoman Meg English says local well-known brands do really well online and now is the perfect time to have a spring clean and rake in some extra dollars.

Australian brands do the best, they hold their value and people are searching for them in pretty large numbers,’ she says.

This time of year is particularly popular, the spring clean is a real phenomenon, its not just something that we talk about and retailers try to take advantage of, spring cleaning absolutely happens.

Any changes of season can also see you get some really good bargains because people want to do a lot of sell to buy.

She says brands particularly for women that do well include Zimmerman, Country Road, Gorman, Lorna Jane, Witchery and Scanlan and Theodore.

She says its important to be honest about your item and to be realistic about the price.


Include as much information about the item as possible such as size, colour and measurements.

Always put the brand name in the headline.

See how other people are selling their items and use their ideas.

The more photos the better.

Do your research and know your price.